Qatari Inspired Fusion Cuisine

Welcome to smat

With its name translating to ‘dining table’ in Khaleeji dialect of Arabic, the restaurant promises to redefine the feel and taste of the local cuisine and take dining guests on a culinary journey through the unique gastronomic heritage of Qatar and the GCC, characterized by their distinctive origins, signature dishes as well as exclusive ingredients, spices, textures, and tastes.

Fawaz Al Omeim

Chef Fawaz Al Omaim boasts an experience of more than 9 years in dining operations. During this time, he has provided operational consultancy to numerous restaurants in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Having stayed in the USA for almost a decade, Fawaz developed his cooking talent in a multi-cultural environment. He has also contributed in most of the Gulf-based festivals, including the Qatar International Food Festival. Recently, he was involved in contributing to the cooking for charity initiatives in the Syrian refugee camps in Turkey and Jordan